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BlockSign Utilises Block Chain to Verify Signed Contracts

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Digital signature startup BlockSign banking on the bitcoin blockchain | Bitcoinx

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I’m really proud to be part of the team that just launched BlockSign. BlockSign is a way to sign documents and keep a verifiable record on the blockchain.

Our team has been interested in bitcoin for a while so we are really excited to be launching what we think is one of the first non-monetary focused blockchain products that is really usable and accessible to everyone. There is a tremendous amount of potential in building businesses on a distributed ledger such as the blockchain. It’s been awesome to be part of a team building a product in this area.


Launching BlockSign


Hello, hello!

We’re BlockSign, a service for legally signing any document, contract or agreement. We launch today with the belief that BlockSign will change the way people sign documents, make commitments and enter into contracts digitally. 

We believe BlockSign can be a breakthrough because it is built on a technology called “the blockchain" — the same framework that powers the digital currency, Bitcoin. We believe the blockchain is uniquely capable of creating the type of trust necessary to empower digital signatures to achieve their full potential.

Practically, the blockchain allows us to make one key guarantee, the BlockSign guarantee:

You will always have easy, free access to private records of what you’ve signed using BlockSign.

That is what differentiates BlockSign not only from pen and paper but also from existing e-signature services. It is core to how we achieve our vision of building a signature service that is simple, cost effective and trustworthy.

We look forward to using this space to expand on what we’re doing technologically, the people we’re interacting with and servicing, and any other key updates.

-The BlockSign Team

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